The 3 Steps that could take a blind, deaf & dumb newbie entrepreneur to a million dollars in 12 months.

Are you serious about becoming a millionaire entrepreneur? Would you do whatever it took?

What if it wasn’t about strategies?

What if it wasn’t about ideas?

What if it wasn’t a get rich quick?

Would you still take the advice?

Over the first 4 years in business, I ignored the signs that I was being given for what it really takes to be successful, because all I wanted was to be wildly successful straight away.

I’m currently 24 years old and I’m blessed to be running a multimillion-dollar business, which is on track to exceed 8 figures in 2017.

There are 3 reasons why I am where I am today and in this post I am going to break them all down in detail.

I honestly believe these are the 3 keys to bulletproofing yourself as an entrepreneur.

These 3 concepts will always be the reason for your successes and failures so use it as your compass point for success, if you aren’t where you are it will be reflected with the absence of these factors and if you are crushing your success then you possess these attributes. It really is as simple as that.

1. Focus

The first aspect to being successful as an entrepreneur is having 100% focus.

Focus is the broadest, shittest and most boring word I’ve ever heard in my life, that’s honestly what I believed at the start of my journey of entrepreneurship and as a result I was unfocused and my results sucked.

My biggest role model when I was starting as a business owner was Richard Branson and he had 400+ companies, so within my first 18 months in business I was running 5 different businesses.

The further I go in business the more I see how stupid it is to have multiple businesses at once. Would you rather have 5 businesses that were totally $500,000 a year or 1 making $10,000,000 a year?

So let’s get clear on what this whole idea of focus is…

The 2 points to focus are;

1. Passionate Industry

2. Profitable Model

The biggest mistake I see new entrepreneurs make is trying to choose business ‘ideas’ that are filling a gap in the market. I hate that phrase; gap in the market, it seriously pisses me off.

Tech startups specifically focus on gaps in the market, whereas I teach to follow the competition…

“Follow the competition?” I hear you say.

“YESSSSS!” Find business models that are already crowded because that competition symbolizes that there is demand.

So now that we know that competition is healthy, especially given that most business owners ‘suck’ at being business owners, it isn’t hard to compete and win in any market these days (except for those fueled by economies of scale), it’s time to talk about what passionate industry looks like.

What are you passionate about?

Fitness, education, adventure, cars, golf, coaching etc.

When you choose an industry to enter and dominate, you have just set up the rest of your life to be tailored towards your passion!

If you want help choosing your industry and getting clear on your passion, download my free Entrepreneurs Starter Kit .

Once you own the industry that you want to move into, then it’s time to choose a profitable model.

The best way to do this is to research every single type of business in that industry than you can humanly possibly think of.

Again, if you want help to find your profitable business model, download my free Entrepreneurs Starter Kit .

Once you have narrowed down your options, I recommend putting them through what refer to as the ‘bridge of death’.

If you haven’t seen the Monty Python & The Holy Grail, then you won’t appreciate the metaphorical relevance to a hilarious scene from that movie. Here is the scene on YouTube for your amusement:

The bridge of death consists of 3 questions I ask entrepreneurs as a way to determine the strength of their chosen path, they are:

1. If you were going to die in 5 years and you had to choose a career path, is this what you would choose?

2. If you knew you couldn’t fail would you still choose this industry and model?

3. If you had to work on a specific business all day every day for the rest of your life, would this be the chosen business?

If you can get though answering these 3 questions, then lock in your passionately profitable pathway and let’s move forwards.

To summarise point #1, Relentlessly follow your passion with laser like focus. Never deviate from your profitable model, but grow it for the rest of your life, as that’s the ticket to guaranteed business success.


This next success factor to becoming bulletproof is something that I hold close to my heart, because it truly changed my life forever.

Action, like focus, is another broad and seemingly obvious word for me to put as a key to success, so let me clarity what I mean when I say action, as it’s very specific.

There are 2 types of action you can take in your business:

1. IN – In the business activities keeps the business going. E.g. admin/service/bookkeeping

2. ON – On the business activities drive the growth forwards. E.g. marketing/sales/systems

If you want to bulletproof yourself as an entrepreneur and literally become unstoppable, you need to learn how to master the art of working ON your business.

I never realized that taking action in my business meant jack crap, until I had a moment of awakening that I got from examining those I looked up to who were successful in business.

I had one friend in particular in business who I had met at an event a few years earlier. Now when I met him, he was doing $500,000/year in business and I was doing around $100,000/year.

2 years later I bumped into the same guy and he was making $7 Million per year…

I asked him his secret and he simply responded; I just implemented all the stuff we learnt. Well the ‘stuff we learnt’ was all marketing and sales.

I had barely used the information, whereas he had taken a ridiculous amount of action with it.

I started thinking about the big business gurus and world leading entrepreneurs and noticed the same pattern.

It’s all about ON the business growth activities.

Once I knew this, the real battle started.

I didn’t know how to do all that action and to be completely honest it scared me.

I was scared to launch marketing campaigns.
I was scared to make sales calls.
I was scared to learn new software.
I was scared to invest money in growing the business.


It was when I launched my business, Winning International, that I had the biggest realisaiton I had ever had in my life around business.

I realized that if I took massive amounts of action, then naturally I would get epic fucking results, so if I could measure my success on the action, not the results, then the results would come anyway.

I stopped giving a shit about failing, results and outcomes and just started to obsess with out-executing anyone in my industry.

I realized that if I was scared of a micro failure (like failing a marketing campaign) , then I would 100% bring macro failure (my business would never work, because it would never grow).

I’m going to pause there and say that last part again because of how important it is.

I stopped giving a shit!

This lead to me launching Winning International and running 12 seminars in a period of 10 weeks to secure my first 50 clients and this eventually lead to me hitting my first 7 figures in the business within the first 10 months of the business.

The sole reason this happened, was I started taking massive action and the sole reason I started taking massive action is because I stopped giving a shit about failing.

To summarise; Dedicate yourself to ON the business steps as they fuel growth. Marketing, sales, hiring, systems and thought leadership will drive your business forwards to make them your top priority and you will choose how fast you grow.


This last point is so important to success and explains why most business owners struggle.

Certainty is a state of absolute confidence and belief.

I never knew how much of an impact that belief had on our results but, when I finally realized it explained why I was so held back in business for so many years.

I believe results happen in a 3 step process;

1. Believe – your level of belief dictates how much action you take

2. Act – your level of action dictates your level of achievement

3. Achieve – your level of achievement impacts people’s level of belief

Let’s go over a couple of examples of how this works;

Example 1 – Overweight Man With Low and Negative Belief

Let’s look at an example of an obese man who has tried 10 diets and exercise programs and has never seen any results and always relapsed heavier than before. He has a friend that approaches him with an idea of healthy eating and exercise, but he isn’t convinced. He has no certainty and a ridiculously low level of belief.

He ends up agreeing to try to lose weight because his friend won’t stop bugging him about it, however he is convinced it isn’t going to work. Because his belief is SO low, do we think he takes much action with the healthy eating and exercise? No, he is just dipping his toe in because he is afraid of experiencing another setback and another failure. Because he doesn’t commit 100%, he sees hardly any results and that lack of results reinforces the same negative belief that he started with that he can never lose the weight. Starting again through a vicious downward spiral he takes less action and then sees less results and has an even lower level of belief and the cycle continues to spiral downwards. His attempts are actually making his problem worse.

Example 2 – Young Female Entrepreneur With Positive Belief

Now let’s go through an example of someone with a positive mindset and belief. A young girl who has just attended a 4 day seminar on building a businesses is feeling on top of the world. She has always wanted to be an entrepreneur and knew that now was the time that she was destined to launch her new business. She has spent 4 days immersed in an environment of encouraging and successful business owners and she is ready to tackle the world. She has an idea that she and her mentor both absolutely love and she creates a roadmap of exactly what needs to happen to take this business to 6 figures fast.

When she leaves the seminar she is completely certain of her ability to make this work – do we think that she take much action? YES, she absolutely nails the action with complete certainty and achieves some great initial results.

The good news here is that thanks to seeing some initial wins her belief radically goes through the roof because she can see that is actually works. On an even bigger adrenaline rush she goes out there and takes even more action, gets bigger results and her belief continually spirals up and up and up.

So belief is everything!

There are 2 hacks that I want to share with you that will change your life forever and turn you into a business beast if you implement them:


Fear is not only the single biggest destroyer of dreams, in my opinion and experience it’s the single biggest opportunity to accelerate your level of certainty and results.

If you can take fear, befriend it and embrace its hidden power, you will learn the secrets to accelerating your success tenfold.

One of the great role models and thought leaders of our time, Will Smith, has an extremely interesting way of looking at fear. Smith is something who has well and truly tapped into the power that fear truly holds. You see, Will Smith not only uses fear as a tool to speed up his growth, he has literally conquered fear in life, full stop.

The only thing that Will Smith is afraid of is the idea of having fears in the first place. He knows that the minute that you are afraid to do something, that particular fear has power of him and as someone who needs to feel in control, allowing something to take hold of him is simply unacceptable.

Every single person on Earth has a comfort zone. Inside that comfort zone are all the tasks you are not afraid to do and outside of that comfort zone are all the tasks that you are fearful of. If you look at some of the greatest leaders on Earth, they all have enormous comfort zones, meaning that there are more tasks that they are comfortable doing and less tasks they are afraid to do. The coolest thing about your comfort zone and its relationship with fear is that you can use it as a tool to speed up your growth massively.

A great example of this is Donald Trump. If you were hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, how would you be feeling? More so, what wager would you put on yourself to get to $1 billion in the green within a couple of years? Not a lot right… The reason that Donald Trump can make billions of dollars so quickly is because his comfort zone is huge.

“The greater your comfort zone, the greater your growth potential.” You will notice that I didn’t say “the greater your growth”, just because someone has a large comfort zone it doesn’t mean that they execute the activities that could grow their business within that zone. It simply means that they have the ‘potential’ to do so.

So many people in business have such a small comfort zone and for that reason they aren’t willing to take ‘risks’.

If you can take action and embrace fear to the fullest degree you will be able to completely control the growth of your coaching business. If you want to hit 7 figures in 12 months you will be able to. If you want to get to 10 million in 5 years you will be able to. If you want to transform the lives of 1 million people, you will be able to. Harness your inner action and everything you ever wanted will be put in your hands to make happen when and how you choose.


The people around you have the single biggest impact on your level of certainty, full stop.

We’ve all heard that statement that ‘you are a product of the 5 people closest to you’, it’s so true though.

If you were to be dropped in an environment of 100 people who were all broke drug addicts and you had to work from there for a year, you’d struggle like crazy, even Richard Branson would.

If you were dropped into an environment of 100 billionaires, then you’d dominate, period.

There are multiple types of people and if we understand who they are, then we will be able to choose who we want to spend more time with.

Destructive – Destructive people are those who purposely want to tear people and things down to make themselves feel better. You want to avoid these people at all costs.

Decent – Decent people as the name suggests are the people who are generally nice people. They are caring and live out a nice life without breaking the rules and are usually happy. A lot of the time we will have friends and family who are decent people and we don’t want to just eradicate people from our life because they are normal. We just want to spend MORE time with the category of people that will help us achieve our goals.

Dreamers – Dreamers are people who have massive ambition and talk A LOT. This is the problem as dreamers are usually not action takers and get feelings of satisfaction from the talking and not the achievement itself. If you spend a lot of time with dreamers, you won’t get much done at all and you will increase the fear that you feel in relation to your goals. Most coaches spend a lot of time with ‘dreamers’ and that small feeling of insecurity that all dreamers have spreads like a disease, stopping all sense of action and results.

Doers – Doers are the people who have broken through the place of being a dreamer and are now taking action. Just by being in their presence you are more likely to be kicking massive goals. These guys still have great intentions, especially if they are in the coaching space and they will allow you to continually strive onwards and upwards.

The best way to get a quick win with the people in your environment is to look at the 5 people you spend the most time with.

The task is simple, choose 3 of those people you want to spend LESS time with and then think of 3 people you want to spend MORE time with (preferably DOERS).

Let’s summarise; Always believe in your own limitless potential because the more you believe, more you act and the more you act, the more you succeed. Commit 1 million percent to everything you do, because you are going to do it anyway.

The truth is that if you do all 3 of these elements consistently you can’t help but succeed at a level far beyond your wildest dreams.


Don’t let it slip, don’t lose control, you have the ability to rectify how you act in any situation by choosing to implement a solution and all the solutions you need are in here.


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