I FAILED: The Truth Behind Me Hitting 7-Figures In 10 Months

I haven’t been entirely open about the TRUTH behind my journey to 7 Figures…


This secret that I share in this video is actually the key to your success.

Watch the quick video below to learn the cold hard truth about my journey to get yourself to 7 figures this year:

A lot of people just know me now, as a successful multi 7 figure coach, having worked with over 500 different coaches, without knowing the backstory.

Today, I want to tell you the truth about what happened in the first 10 months after launching winning international.


When I launched winning international, I invested $50, 000 in a mentor with no cash flow in the business, I ditched my previous business so that I could put all my focus on winning international, which is the business of my dream.

In the first 10 weeks, I launched 12 seminars, some with even less than 3 attendee’s. I hired people that messed up the business and interfered with our process. Iv’e launched expensive campaigns that haven’t produced any leads.

The point is that I failed over and over again. However, those failures are the reason that we are where we are today with winning international.

I made a pledge to myself when launching winning international that I was going to measure success based on what I did, not on what I achieved. I was purposely launching things and taking action constantly over and over again, so that I had to fail, and that’s what made the difference.

I took more action than I had ever done in my life and got over the fear of failing because I had failed over and over again.

The only way that you will fail in your coaching business, is if you don’t fail in the micro-elements, on the day to day tasks and campaigns that you need to be taking in order for your business to grow including marketing, sales, hiring, putting systems in place etc.

However, if you are doing those tasks daily to help grow your business, and you are failing often, then you are bulletproofing your business for success.

Leave a comment below about whether your decision is to fail on the micro level (day to day tasks) or on the macro level (your whole business), and become one of the 81% of coaches that fail in the first 3 years.

Ryan “Always Failing” Magdziarz

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